Writing Clarity Calculator

If you use this website in your research, please cite our research: Warren, Nooshin L., Matthew Farmer, Tianyu Gu, and Caleb Warren (2021), "Marketing Ideas: How to Write Research Articles that Readers Understand and Cite," Journal of Marketing. doi:10.1177/00222429211003560

How Do I Use This Website?

1. Copy and paste all or a section of your writing into the text box.

2. The bots on this site will analyze the text and tell you:

= How concrete your writing is (on a scale from 1 to 5).

= How many examples you included per page (assuming 844 words per page).

= How frequently the words you use appear on the internet (relative to "the", the most frequently used word on the internet).

= The percentage of your sentences that use active voice.

3. For details on how we calculated these scores, see Warren et al. (2021)

The website will compare your writing to (a) the front-end of published articles (text before the method section), and (b) the entire text of the published articles (including the references).